Monday, October 20

Dash for Mat's Bash 2014 and Costume for Kids 2014 status

Last Saturday was the annual Dash for Mat's Bash here in this small town of Wellsville.  Unfortunately each year more and more young folks are affected by cancer and end up passing away.  There were a few more added to the list this year.  My little buddy Noah as well as the chief of police, Joe, who both lost thier battle this year.

Everyone gathers at the local firestation.  There is a 5K in town with people running, walking, jogging the 2+ miles through town. The firemen then put a fireman boot out and ask for donations.  This year was for their newly appointed fire chief Bill Brown who has had some health issues.  The firemen, along with several other volunteers then pull a firetruck by hand for a town block to raise money for Bill.  They do it every year and it's pretty cool to watch.

On a sidenote - the Costume for Kids campaign is deffinetly in full swing already.  I started stacking everything up and I have to say - there is quite a good bit of costumes that we've received as donations since last year.  Between donations and things I've managed to buy and scoop up - we have a nice start.  My only concern is that so far I am getting more requests wanting to know when we will be handing everything out than we are getting actual donations.  The one thing I would hate is to watch a kid or parents be bumbed out because we were out of the costumes.  That one person could put a whole damper for the kids that actually get stuff.  So I'm planning on doing a little more requesting of donations via social network this week and this coming Saturday we will be handing them out.  I'm hoping to get some more donated costumes - but if not I'll end up coming out of pocket for them.  This will be my main focus this week.  I love it!

The Project Aria Cares - where a young girl named Aria donated her entire Teddy Bear Collection is in full swing.  All the Bears will be delivered this week to Kiducation (a local daycare) and the remainder will be given to Lindsay's Christmas on November 8th.  Good times - but the entire backseat of my care is full right now!

Love life.

Wednesday, October 15

Quick Thoughts

I listened to a part of an audio book a few months ago which a lady said, "just start".  Just start moving and the rest will follow.  Sometimes that start can be difficult and maintaining the progress can be even more difficult.

The first example is the basketball court in town.  I had all of these plans to restore it and throw another tournament this year.  Neither one happened.  It's like spring in Ohio.  You make all of these plans and promises and the next thing you know you missed out on an entire warm season of the year and everywhere you look there is a countdown of single digits to Christmas.  Ugh.

One thing that didn't help matters this year was that the only day I have off is Sundays.  Every single Sunday with the exception of two this summer had rain.  The other two had the promise of rain.  It was just a roll of the dice and I came up worthless each time.

The second part of this is a stressed out wife and a newborn.  As much as I want to get different projects going and watch them be completed both require a good deal of my time.  I have a hard time even getting a few minutes when I get home from the corporate gig to the shop to cut hair, let alone plan anything additional or to help out.  I'm literally staring at the face of a teething, fussy baby watching Disney channel as I type this blog.  Good stuff.

The past few weeks I have been contemplating putting together a legitimate nonprofit for our area.  That way there can be some sort of legitimate fundraising done and different activities put together monthly for our area.  I have the basic jist of what will need done - but haven't made any moves yet.  The past 5 years I have done countless odd things in the community or for folks that needed it.  All the money basically was derived from me cutting hair and taking that money and flipping it around to get what was needed.  This coming year will be the big year for more widespread philantropy in the area that I live in.

Case in point - I just had to take an hour from typing to see the wife off for the day and hang out with my little guy.  I love fatherhood and all time required with individed attention. It's great, but has definetly taken some re-wiring on my part.  I'm used to staying busy in a different way - not just yelling to get a binky away from the dogs ass or flinching as he walks around like a drunk fratboy falling on random objects.

love life

Thursday, October 9

Project Aria Cares

About a month ago I was contacted by a mother of a young girl who just simply mentioned that her daughter had some bears she was looking to get rid of and she couldn't really find a place to donate them to.  I scratched my head at first, trying to think of a few different things could be done, but after listening to her, their passion for helping and love for people was obvious. I had two places and causes in mind - perfect for Project Aria Cares.

I met them at the Barber Shop late one afternoon and helped and watched as they unloaded an entire SUV of Teddy Bears, mostly those that were constructed by Aria herself as the popular Build-A-Bears.

As we talked, all I could do is smile.  Some people would do things like donate their entire collection of bears and would want to scream it to the world.  Aria is different.  She is a student athlete at Southern Local, which happens to be my alma mater as well.  She just simply had outgrown the bears and she wanted to give them to some kids to brighten their day up and give them to those that would use them - not just drop them off at a hospital or donation spot and have the possibility of just being left in a basement somewhere. 

Afterall, each one of these bears representated a time in her life.  When I asked where she got them from - she simply said, "good grades and stuff".  How could you not love that?

So with that said, Aria has about 50 hand crafted Teddy Bears that she is giving away. 

The first batch will be going to the Kiducation Learning Center.  Kiducation is a non-profit, faith based, educational child care center located right in Wellsville.  Kiducation just recently celebrated their first anniversary and has remained active in the community, doing things like setting up the Easter Egg hunt this past year.  I know the owners well, who both have huge hearts.  A perfect place to have the Teddy Bears distributed.  We're making arrangements so Aria can actually go hand some of her Bears off in person.   You can learn more about Kiducation on their Facebook page:

The second batch of Aria's hand crafted Teddy Bears will be going to Lindsey's Christmas.  Two of the sweetest people I have had the chance to meet, Linda and Rick Salsberry lost a daughter several years ago.  Each year, in the spirit of Lindsey, they collect toys and about everything under the moon, and hand deliver to different children's hospitals across the area.  Seriously, they load Uhauls up to deliver some of this stuff!  They have the biggest hearts, and the biggest hearts will find out who could use these bears the most.

If everyone thought the way Aria does, our area would be a better place.  One Bear at a Time!

Love life.