Tuesday, July 15

How to Deal with a Bad Streak of Luck

Have you ever had a span of a few days or few weeks where you were just like - "Common man!  What can happen next?"  I'm midstream of one of these unlucky streaks myself.

The term 'make you or break you' is used a little too freely, but it's how you actually react, absorb, and deal with these difficult situations that helps shape and build your character and you as a person.

How do you deal with it?  Maybe you get yourself all alone and cry in desperation, maybe you get shitfaced drunk and forget about it for a few hours, maybe you get angry and slam stuff around and yell, or maybe you're wired a little like me - and just laugh and shake your head.  My wife thinks I am some kind of 'he went off the deep end' maniacal laughing dumbass.  She wonders how I don't get all pissed off and freak out at everything like she does.  That's easy.  It's all about approach, experience, and reaction.

Approach.  Are you already pissed off and this situation just adds to it?  Just recognize the issue, laugh or breath for a quick second, and then move forward a resolution.  Some things are out of our control and we just have to deal with it, but it all starts with how you are going to approach each situation at hand.

Experience.  Sometimes the things that happen to us we are already expecting.  We have been through it ourselves or have helped someone close to us get through a similar situation.  Maybe your house is getting foreclosed on.  This news and situation is easier to break down and deal with emotionally if you have already been homeless or shitty living situations.  But remember one thing - you got through those shitty living situations previously.  Take your experience, add it to your new wisdom gained by living life, and dust yourself off and do it again!


Reaction.  How you react depends on how you are wired.  Could this particular situation be the proverbial 'straw that breaks the camels' back'?  On a sidenote I always thought that was interesting.  This means there might have really been a camel to get it's back broke by hauling straw at one time.  Are you going to react in a way that is negative and does absolutely nothing to deal with the problem at hand?  Are you going to focus on the situation at hand and react in a way that brings you back towards loving life and a sense of normalcy?

It's a action/reaction type of thing.  Something bad happens = action.  You loose your cool = reaction.  It really is that easy.  Mentally preparing yourself for the bad things that can happen without spending all of your life dwelling and afraid of that particular situation is a key to being able to move forward, deal with the situation, cope, and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

Keep your heads up my friends.  Shit can always get worse - don't think for a second that it can't.  At the same time - shit can ALWAYS get better as well.

Love life!

Friday, June 20

Status of the basketball court

Wow - there is nothing like a quick blog to make you realize how quick life manages to pass by.  Especially with a 5 month old, a corporate gig, and trying to make some moves with your small businesses.  Oh shit - did someone say that he is 5 months old already??

 Unfortunately this is my first post in almost a month.  As much as I love doing charity work and staying involved in the community, it really has been challenging lately.  I'm working about as much as before (all the time), but enter my 5 month old son and that's about a wrap.  I heard plenty of time before about how having kids is "life changing".  Well, that's an understatement if I have ever heard one.  But at the end of the day and first thing in the morning I just listen to him laugh because his dad is ugly as shit and it makes it all worth it.

So a quick update on the basketball court here in town that we've been working on.  The village went through and spent a couple thousand bucks asphalting the entire court and surrounding it with slabs of sidewalk.  It really looks sweet.  I bought backboards last spring that I thought would be perfect down there.  They're acrylic.  The problem?  The poles that are concreted in the ground are about 9 inches in diameter and the brackets I got with the backboards are only cool with up to 6 inch poles.  So that is a no go.  I still have to get the court lines painted and figure out what to do with the backboards and repaint the poles themselves.  Good stuff.  Hopefully I can get a few hours this Sunday.  We'll see what happens.  I bought new breakaway rims already and some neighborhood guys finally got them up and going.  Small start I guess.

I went down there a little while ago to inspect the poles and do some hand sanding and there were about 15 or so young kids - I'd say right around 12 years old getting a game in.  Calling each other "punk bitches", etc.  I love the competitiveness in kids and some of the shit you can overhear them say when their mom isn't around makes you do nothing but shake your head and laugh.

I'm still also planning the fishing trip this summer for the kids and hopefully we can get a night of the arts or something like ready to go by the spring.

I also managed to recently buy, on contract, a barber shop located in Minerva Ohio.  I'm still in negotiations with a barber who was supposed to start the beginning of June, but hasn't managed to do so yet.  Mo Money Mo Problems I guess.  I went up there this week and Minerva is really a nice, clean little town.  It was actually refreshing seeing that the area I live in seems to be slowly dwindling down to nothing.

Love life.

Thursday, May 22

The importances of To Do Lists

So if you've been following this blog for a while, you might have realized by now that I like staying busy.  There are a million things that are constantly running through my head.  Different ideas, projects, things on my mental to do list.  It's almost torture sometimes.

With that said, I just want to touch base with the importance of a written to do list.  That's right - let's take it old school!  Write that shit down.  There is no sense of brief self gratification better than being able to actually physically cross off something you have accomplished that you needed to get done.

The past few years I have always had a community project each month.  From cut offs, to charity events, to just getting people together for good causes.  It's a small passion of mine.  I have long said that if I was a billionaire I would probally just get a buzz on and help as many people and areas as possible.  Thus coming to the realization that I will never become extremely wealthy by winning the lottery or having large sums of money dumped on me.  I'm ok with that.

This summer and upcoming months are no different.  So far we are working at a community fishing day in memorial of the late chief of police, the annual basketball tournament (the court is in the process of being complete - pictures coming this coming week!), and a few other irons are in the fire.

Business wise my mind doesn't seem to want to stop.  From potential purchasing of buildings, the deliberation of a book in the works, bringing back a new podcast, t-shirt and clothing sales, overtime at the corporate gig being opened up, part time morning jobs being looked at, hell - even cutting an album.  This holiday weekend should give me a little extra time to get things in order.  I guess a To Do list is in order! ;) 

A nice weekend planning and hanging out with my boy!

Love life