Thursday, July 23

The Reset Button

The first lesson in fundraising - know what else is going on before you expect people to show up at your event.  I'm known for sporadic fundraisers.  The way I see it - you have to strike while the iron is hot.  This past weekend I put together a fundraiser for a woman who is going through chemotherapy only to realize about 3 hours into it that everyone and their hillbilly brother is at Jamboree in the Hills.  If you haven't heard of Jamboree In The Hills - just google it.  It's a big country concert that is about an hour away from where I live that lasts for a week.  Yes, a full week of beer chugging, truck mudding, banjo twanging - but people come from all over the world to attend.

With that said - the Bowl Cut fundraiser didn't get much response, but my shop in general was slow last Saturday because everyone was away.  We'll figure out a way to get something else going though.

Speaking of getting away, I'm taking the wife and kid away this weekend.  As much as I'm wired to just work and be productive, it's time to let the mind recycle.  We're not going anywhere crazy - just to Presque Isle - which is about 3 ours from here in Pennsylvania on the shores of Lake Erie.  I've never been there - but I'm told it's nice and worth the trip.

The entire time we have planned this I've been thinking about the Reset point.  Kind of like a RESET button on an old Nintendo - I look at a quick weekend away as a Reset point in life.  I usually waste any time I get off just planning or trying to reorganize any work I have/want to do so I come back and go back at it full steam.  Or sometimes I actually find myself doing work when I'm gone.  Oh well - that's just how it is.

I've been helping coaching peewee football the past two weeks, but it's hard finding a babysitter.  I really do love doing it - but my wife thinks that she is better off sitting in a tanning salon hoping people come in while it's 90 degrees and sunny out and I have the baby the second I finish up work at the corporate gig.  It's just one of those things that maybe now is not the best time for me to coach. You have to have your priorities straight in life.  Family, Faith, Football as the old great coach would say. Good lord do I love doing it though.

Enjoy your week and I'll update you on Presque Isle!

Love life.

Friday, July 17

Bowl Cuts for a Good Cause

Some people are just pure hearted people.  A friend of mine really has been through a lot.  Before you just quickly assume that I'm speaking of the woman in the above picture - let me point out a quick fact that is known but often overlooked.  I'm talking about her husband.

Those that get sick or have life kick them in the face are by far victims of shitty situations.  Those that love and support those people also feel the affects. 

The woman above is Angela.  She was diagnosed about 2 months ago with cancer and started active chemotherapy.  Her husband, Brian, sent me a text message saying - "Hey, Ang has cancer and needs her head shaved.  I told her the only stipulation was that you did it." 

Personally it all hit me at once.  The first thing I thought of was the fact that she had just given birth to a daughter and had another daughter already.  That's a mom of 2 possibly entering the ring with that fucker Cancer, that I hate badly.  Secondly - that's my friend's wife.  A guy that has already been through a rough patch in life who is just a great,honest, hard working young truck driver.

When I met Ang and Brian at the shop, she only went through one treatment and already a large amount of her hair had fell out.  It's weird how Chemo works.  Some people feel these affects and loose hair right away, some people don't loose any hair at all.  I shaved her head and Brian took some pictures.  Hey - life is too short not to try to make someone that is worried smile for a little while!

I racked my brain on a fundraiser.  Typically a cutoff of an event where everyone shaved their head would be in order, but I wanted to do something different.  That's when I decided to offer bowl cuts - a basic cut involving a bowl and some clippers that was super popular in the late 80s/early 90s.  The agreement?  Rock a bowl cut for 1 week and turn in donations to Ang.  It all kicks off tomorrow at the shop.  Laughter is the best medicine and everyone can laugh at a bowl cut!  We'll see how it goes!

love life.

Thursday, July 16

Back At It - Shop Painted

I have some catching up to do.  The beginning of the year I promised myself I would have 52 new blog posts by the end of the year. Everything was going good until both laptops and my tablet decided to take a nose dive inside the same month.  That is life!  Things have been progressing well the past few weeks and I promise I'll have some pictures up by this weekend.

For starters, the town's All Class Reunion was last week and is finally over.  Basically the Alumni Association throws a big reunion every five years for all classes to come home and talk about "the good old days".  I didn't graduate from this town and to say the school that I graduated from was disappointing looking back is an understatement.  My wife and her family were super involved in the reunion.  Doing everything from trying to get food vendors scheduled, arranging a fundraising dinner, scheduling bands and musical acts, etc.  Honestly, it was exhausting watching them.

So here is the quick lesson for the day that can apply to a lot of situations in life: Blend In Now to Stand Out Later...
While the reunion was being prepared, people were decorating the town.  Painting windows, putting displays up of their classes, etc.  I've been wanting to paint the front of my barber shop for a few years now but didn't want the headaches to go along with it.  In a nutshell, the company that I initially leased the shop from went bankrupt, I had to deal for 2 years with the state's BK attorney to make payments, the building was put up for auction with no bids, just sat there.  The village then decided to purchase about 5 commercial properties, the building that houses my shop being one of them.  It shouldn't be this hard to pay rent or lease fees.  So nothing with the buildings ever get done because there is not technically a landlord or property manager.  Its been a real cluster to say the least.

So as people were painting windows and cleaning the town up - my actions seems to blend in.  If I would have painted the shop any other time even more people would bitch because they just look for something to complain about.  Instead, I waited it out and as soon as I seen the opportunity to blend in - I did so.   I went to the shop for 3 separate days and began painting at 430 in the morning.  Oh yeah, before I forget I should probably tell you that I painted the front of the shop bright orange. Just a minor detail! :)

Anyways, I painted the shop orange with black trim.  Orange and Black are the colors of the town's school mascot the Tiger.  It's pretty cool because the town even went and bought all brand new street signs donned all black with orange lettering for the street a few years ago.  I replaced the back of a bench previously offering advertising space with a large sign saying $8 Cuts.  The place actually stands out now. 

I also have wanted matching chairs in the shop.  The previously mentioned company paid two jackasses to mess with the drainage system a few years ago which caused all of the sewage to back up all over my barbershop floor.  I had to get rid of the great couch and chair that I had in their previously and have just been having random seating.  I finally have all chairs that match.

Love life.