Wednesday, March 25

Do the Sh*t in your Sleep

The fact that my last blog post was written at 2am (or some random time) when I was literally half asleep and try to multitask says a lot.  "I can do this shit in my sleep".  Well, I guess I can but in reality are you really on top of your game when you are sleep deprived, when you are enamored by a mind that does not rest, or is your brutally honest opinions and facts just a kick in the ass of life.  I once gave a guy a haircut and I was so tired from working 3 jobs and literally no sleep that I dozed off.  I did not speak to him except to ask how he wanted his hair cut.  I finished up 20 minutes later, the guy looked it over, smiled and said it was the best haircut he ever had in his life.  He gave me a 50 dollar bill.

The simple answer - who cares.  That is one reason I have taken a semi break from social media in general for the time being.  I have seen how powerful social media is.  I have built and maintained businesses using them.  I have organized fundraisers for great causes and even organized a full blown march thanks to social media.  Then again, I also have managed to piss people off.  I have watched it literally tear families apart, start fights and arguments that spill over into real life, watched as it created a level of animosity and awkwardness between people and groups, and even crazier - watched as it has destroyed relationships.  Since my son has been born, I have taken a momentary backseat, shut my mouth, and just watched and listened to my surroundings including social media.  I used to shake my head at those people that told me "I don't do Facebook", wandering how they functioned.  Now I realize what a burden it actually is.  Give anybody a platform to speak to 3K strangers they list as their 'friends' and give them a couple glasses of wine in the comforts of their own home and shit can hit the fan pretty quickly.

Last night when I finished work and got my son settled down, I watched Chris Rock's newest movie, Top 5.  I didn't know a damn thing about it before I turned it on, but I'll have to say I liked it and the direction he went with it.  Basically about a comedian who realized he was an alcoholic, quit drinking, and convinced himself he wasn't funny anymore.  He really struggled with his maturation.  I think we all do.  That's part of getting older, wiser, and not sure how to handle it.

With that said, time for ESPN Top 10 and to feed this sick boy of mine before work.

love life,

Wednesday, March 18

Does it make you money, or does it make you happy?

Sometimes life changes can be so good and so unexpected that you feel like they are too good to be true.  That's where I'm sitting recently.  The phrase "Too good to be true" rings in the back of my head almost on a daily basis.  Sometimes we are so programmed in life to be miserable that when something good comes up we spend more time expecting shit to hit the fan that we do enjoying and taking advantage of current situations or a little string of good luck and newfound opportunities.

I still am not adjusted to any additional free time that has been available with my new venture.  I am still, at this point, getting adjusted to things.  By things I mean the layout and procedures of the new job, the convenience, and the additional time each day that is/will be gained.

All of these ideas I have mentioned before that I had to get going have really been analyzed lately.  Honestly, some of thing don't really make sense.  When planning different projects, you really need to consider if it is worth the time and energy that it is going to take you.  A wise man once said "If it doesn't make you money, or doesn't make you happy - why do it?"  I've allowed that to steer me into several different directions.  I've thought about a full blown legitimate nonprofit here in the town I live in.  That basically recycles itself to realizing that the majority of the people I deal with are from outside of the town, because I did not grow up or graduate from this small town I am cast as an outsider, and people have become so depressed and hope lost for the most part they could give a fuck less what happens.  This is hard to shrug off - but it's the truth at this point.

I've considered going full blown with my barber shop here in town.  The truth is - there is a reason that I find myself there parttime and have not went crazy with buying/selling products.  People bitch about an 8 dollar haircut, a handful try to get cleaned up for free week after week, and the town purchased the building and I have no idea when they could give me a boot.  I've contemplated the relocation of the shop itself, but honestly it's a pain in the ass to open anything when you have taxes and state inspections, not counting the initially overhead of something that it's almost not worth it.

I've bounced around an idea of running for local office, but again let's cycle back to being considered an outsider.  I still try to do the math on this one - the only problem is that it doesn't equal out right now.  Obviously there are the other ideas (a books, podcasts, internet businesses), etc. but again - is it going to make money or is it going to make you happy.

One thing for sure - downtime, when you're not used to it - can be a real bitch! :)

Love life.

Thursday, February 26

That Network is your Networth

Things have been settling in nicely so far this week with my new corporate gig.  It's crazy how sometimes a change in a job or career can really unfog your mind and allow you to see how deep of a rut you were previously in, how much life was being drained out of you, and how much you were probally hating life and being taken advantage of.  Life is too short for that.

I was listening to a random podcast two weeks ago and the host used the phrase "your network is your networth".  That stuck in the back of my mind because literally thanks to my network of people - I was provided this new opportunity.  Who am I kidding - the new shit is awesome so far.  I'm still getting things settled in, but I can see already where I am going to have some additional time to work on some side project, but more importantly I'll get to spend time with my son.  This is the first time in a long time I've smiled when I've finished work (besides after a busy day at the barber shop).

So with that said - don't take for granite your network.  Meet new people, appreciate your relationships, and build that network.  You'll never know how those connections could possibly come full circle in the future.  Those people could possibly come back to you in the future to form working relationships, partner up in business, or possibly connect you with someone else to help excelerate your future.  Better than that - you may get the opportunity to serve as the person providing connections and get the chance to lend the proverbial hand to pull someone else up.

"That Fucking Guy Knows Everyone!"

love life.