Thursday, February 26

That Network is your Networth

Things have been settling in nicely so far this week with my new corporate gig.  It's crazy how sometimes a change in a job or career can really unfog your mind and allow you to see how deep of a rut you were previously in, how much life was being drained out of you, and how much you were probally hating life and being taken advantage of.  Life is too short for that.

I was listening to a random podcast two weeks ago and the host used the phrase "your network is your networth".  That stuck in the back of my mind because literally thanks to my network of people - I was provided this new opportunity.  Who am I kidding - the new shit is awesome so far.  I'm still getting things settled in, but I can see already where I am going to have some additional time to work on some side project, but more importantly I'll get to spend time with my son.  This is the first time in a long time I've smiled when I've finished work (besides after a busy day at the barber shop).

So with that said - don't take for granite your network.  Meet new people, appreciate your relationships, and build that network.  You'll never know how those connections could possibly come full circle in the future.  Those people could possibly come back to you in the future to form working relationships, partner up in business, or possibly connect you with someone else to help excelerate your future.  Better than that - you may get the opportunity to serve as the person providing connections and get the chance to lend the proverbial hand to pull someone else up.

"That Fucking Guy Knows Everyone!"

love life.

Thursday, February 19

Ripple in the Ocean

This week has been crazy, but deffinetly refreshing.  I finished up at my corporate gig and did not miss a step and jumped right into a different position and new opportunities. Even though things have been hectic this week trying to get things into some sort of order and get setup - it still has allowed me a few minutes to decide what I want to get going to help the community and area.  One person can't change the entire ocean, but can get a ripple started that can spread to the shore.  Whatever the hell that means.

If things go as planned, I should be settled in by next week.  After that, I'm going to make some plans to get things off the ground with a book, podcast, and putting some energy into a nonprofit.

It's been pretty damn cold and miserable outside for the past few weeks here in northeastern Ohio.  Once things are golden, we should be able to rock and roll.

Love life.

Sunday, February 15

Two Weeks

I received a call out of nowhere a few weeks ago that has allowed me to take a deep breath and look around.  I can hear you now - "What in the hell are you talking about?"  Well without getting into much detail, I received an additional opportunity that is going to allow me to quit my current 'day job' and will allow me to be closer to my family, make a little more money, but more importantly - get out of my current life rut.

So with that said - I put in my 2 weeks notice at the day job two weeks ago.  I was expecting it to be a little more scary, intimidating, or gut wrenching.  Instead the only emotion I had was anger and it has consistently been oozing out of me the past few months.  I look back over the years I have worked for this particular company and realize what a complete waste of time it has been.

The drive alone I will save about 10 hours a week.  That's 10 hour gained back to do good things and hang out with my son.  It still hasn't hit me yet, but probally because I haven't really had much time to let it sink in.

I don't make serious promises to myself much, but I have made a promise to allow this opportunity for me to make a few lifestyle changes - not just to be able to be in barber shop, but just review life for the next month and make some positive changes and get some things rolling.

Ive often said - I wish there was some sort of lifestyle program to follow that would not only allow for heathier living, but less stress, and more fun.  I've been looking into a few different things, including the Paleo lifestyle.  Just haven't decided on anything yet.  Does anyone have any recommendation we can dicuss on here?

love life & #newbeginnings!